Sunday 25 January 2015

Monthly Man-icure: Januari

Hi there polish pals, it's time for the Monthly Man-icure (previous months: click)! This month, Seb was inspired by a specific image...

This is the album cover of 'Boss for Leader' by Slagsmålsklubben. Seb tried to find polishes in the yellow, pink and blue colours you see in the photo.

He did not entirely succeed but managed to bring me two polishes: NYC Lexington Yellow and Revlon Bubbly. As you can see, I used them to create a gradient!

His opinion: "I thought that Eva would create a stripe pattern. So I was pleasantly surprised that she chose to do a gradient. It reminds me of a hot summer night."

My opinion: I really like the colours Seb picked and the story behind them. My gradient looks nice and tropical but I think I should have added more pink and I really have to work on making my gradients more smooth. There's always room for improvement! :)

Seb chose: NYC Lexington Yellow, Revlon Bubbly

What do you think of this month's Man-icure?

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