Saturday 13 April 2013

2013 Nail Art Challenge: (1) A polish you've never used

The 31 day nail challenge. I started it, and I never finished. When I got to the 'black and white' challenge, I just sort of... quit. I don't really like black and white. But... I found a new challenge on the blog Procrasti-nails, made by blog owner Katherine, who did a great job on creating it, thank you Katherine! :) This challenge, the '2013 Nail Art Challenge' has way nicer themes than the 31 DNC and really triggers my imagination and creativity! There's not much creativity involved in this post though, since I simply layered two polishes:

The first challenge is 'a polish you've never used'. First thing to do: collect my never used polishes. I decided to leave out the ones that I bought the past month,  and ended up with eight polishes, which I thought was quite a lot! I guess I expected to have about... four, maybe five never used shades..? Hm. 

Poor, forgotten polishes
My never used polishes: La Femme Beauty crackle polish, H&M Purple glitter, four polishes I got for free at Etos, a Paris Memories mini with silver bar glitter, and H&M Aqua splash

I chose the mint green Etos polish:

Natural light and fabric print

I sort of ruined the polish it seems... it has the texture of fabric printed on it haha :'). But: I LOVE this colour! Why have I never used this polish before? It's a very nice mint green,  and it has a fresher shade than one of my favourite mints: NYC Mint Macaroon.

I was very curious about Aqua Splash as well so I decided to layer that one over the mint polish. Aqua Splash has a clear base with multichrome glitter, which shows blue, green and bright green. Here's a blurry bottleshot to show the beauty of this polish:


After layering the two polishes, my manicure turned out pretty cute! I don't like how Aqua Splash took away the shine from the Etos polish though, so I might add a top coat later.

Natural light



Here is the full challenge, everyone should do it!:

Have you ever finished a challenge? Are you doing one right now? :)


  1. Lovely! It's awesome that you're taking up this challenge, I can't wait to see what you do! :) That mint green polish is such a lovely colour, though I have to say I like the look of all four of that brand of polish. Maybe colours you'll try in the future?? Anyway, great mani! :)

    1. Yeah especially the bright red/pink one seems really nice! I look forward to your interpretations as well :)

  2. These are beautiful layered together! :)


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