Saturday 27 April 2013

Nail care essential: Essence nail hardening (and scented!) nail polish remover

Today I'd like to show you one of my nail care essentials: the Essence nail hardening nail polish remover. If you change your nail polish a lot, you can't do without nail polish remover and you probably prefer a cheap one, since it won't last that long. It's best to pick an acetone free one, since it will do less damage to the nails and the skin around them. This nail polish remover is acetone free AND cheap, which makes it just perfect.

What I love about this nail polish remover:
  • It contains castor seed oil
  • It doesn't contain acetone
  • It leaves a really nice scent (strawberry and passion fruit)
  • It works fast
  • It's cheap, €0,99!

I tried the 'nail whitening' remover as well; it has a blue colour and smells like coconut and vanilla, but I prefer this one because of the scent.

Great sceeenntt <3

The scent itself is very sweet, but not too overwhelming.

List of ingredients

This nail polish remover leaves my nails clean, not too dry and with a nice scent. What more can a girl want? :)


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