Tuesday 16 April 2013

~ Bourjois Grenadine tonic ~

When I saw this polish on sale (here we go again...) at Etos (Dutch drugstore) I just had to buy it. I had seen it on the internet before and it simply fascinates me!

Etos has a talent for applying horrible stickers on everything they sell.... But since the sticker won't affect the actual polish I will stop complaining :)

<-- that sticker waah

This polish is a very sheer/jelly red/orange. Sounds accurate right? When you hold the bottle against the light you can see how sheer this polish is. Here it is on the nail, left is one, right is two coats:

 After one coat, this polish gives you a sort of awkward french manicured look. After two coats, I still thought the nail line was a little bit too visible. The tips of my nails have a very strong colour. If yours are more see-through (or whatever you would call that haha) this polish might look a bit better.

In all following pictures I'm wearing three coats.

Well hello nice shiny jelly <3!
Natural light
I am not sure what to think of this polish. I like the colour, I like the shine, I like the jellyness, it makes the polish special. But the whole visible-nail-tip thing still seems a bit weird and new to me :). I'm not sure if applying more coats will make this look drastically change, I guess Grenadine tonic will just work better on shorter nails with less obvious tips.

How do you feel about sheer/jelly polishes?


  1. Mooi kleurtje, maar inderdaad wat vreemd omdat 'ie nogal doorzichtig is bij de tip ;s Zelf zou ik dit lakje niet kopen, maar ieder heeft zijn eigen smaak natuurlijk :D x


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