Tuesday 9 April 2013

~ German-icure by OPI ~

Once again, my boyfriend bought me a lovely polish and I am very thankful :). This is a polish from the OPI Germany collection from fall 2012, described as 'the best burgundy shimmer in the business'. Read on to see if that claim has been rightfully made!

 My best pictures were all taken from the same angle, I'm sorry about that! I do think the pictures give a good impression of the polish, though.

Soft sunlight
 This picture really shows the pretty shimmer in this polish. It's a red/orange-y shimmer that flashes yellow/golden in the sun:


Natural light 
Indoors, with not too much light, the polish appears very brown which I think suits a burgundy, but I prefer this polish nice and shimmery, when it's out in the sun. I saw pictures in which the polish appears very purple. I have no idea what light people took those pictures in - to me, the polish always seemed more red than purple.

Natural light


I cannot say if this is 'the best burgundy shimmer in the business' - because I do not own another one - but it sure is very pretty!! The coverage surprised me, it seemed pretty bad after one coat but in two it was just perfect! As for durability I think this polish will last for quite a while. I've had it on for one day now and only have minimal tip wear on my right thumb.

I hope you enjoyed these swatches :)
My next post will be part of a new Nail Challenge that I 'm going to do! 

P.S: I'm trying to change the look of my blog a bit - just experimenting! The current background doesn't really match my header but I like it though... what to do aah


  1. Wat een prachtige kleur! Maar, persoonlijk vind ik 'm iets te donker voor de lente...

    1. Ja hij is wel donker hè? Maar ik vind ook dat hij juist zon nodig heeft om te sprankelen :)

  2. What a nice color!
    It's so glowing and deep - beautiful!

    (btw: I like your background too ^_^)

  3. I have this polish as well and I love it! it's so beautiful!

  4. It's not my kind of shade, but it looks really great on you ;)


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