Friday 12 April 2013

Other uses of nail polish #1

Hello precious polishers! Two days ago I was reading a lot about those 'life hack' and 'smart DIY' projects. I love those! Sometimes I start reading posts of that kind and I just can't stop... While looking through all the fun projects I came across some that involved nail polish.

I guess all of my readers own nail polish, so I thought: why not share these ideas with them? They might be helpful. And fun to look at. So here is a post that will become the first in a (small) series of 'other uses of nail polish'-posts. I hope you'll enjoy! (I'm sorry about lying; I wrote that my next post would be part of a challenge... that one will come though - promise!)

1) The first thing I want to share doesn't really involve using nail polish, but it does involve using the concept:

This is a Models Own 'bottleshop'. It can be found in Westfield Shopping Centre London. 
HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!?! Seriously! I just want that full shop inside my house... <3. I've never been to London before and I always wanted to visit, but now the city got even more appealing...

2) Number two really is a DIY. I found this one about half a year ago at Dutch blog Beautylab
What Serena (the owner of the blog) did here is very simple but so lovely:

I sometimes paint my pens and pencils with nail polish to make them recognizable (I hate when people steal my pens.. blergh), but I never thought of painting chopsticks. Or well.. paint.. you bascially dip them in the polish:

I think the end result looks really fun!

3) The same kind of project. But with keys! (By the way.. those keys have nice shapes!)

You could just use nice colours or make your keys look even more lovely by using loose glitter:

I doubt that the polish will last very long.. but who cares, we repaint our nails all the time, why not do the same with our keys? :)

4) Here is a trick that I think you might all know already: fixing a run or rip in your stockings with a clear polish. You just apply a little bit around the edges to stop the stockings from falling apart.

That's it for 'other uses of nail polish' this time :) If you found a nice DIY yourself, share it in the comments and I will mention you in the next post (not if I found the DIY first though.. battle time hehe). Enjoy your weekend!! :D


  1. De tip omtrent de panty kende ik al, maar van de sleutels is nieuw. Erg leuk! :-)

  2. Love this! I painted my keys with glitter polish and they last surprisingly well. Have also done my phone case, jewellery and the front of a camera. Have a look:
    Totally dipping my pencils like you suggested next!

    1. It's good to know that the keys will last pretty well!! And wow you used your polishes on so many things haha :D I love what you did with that necklace!


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