Saturday 20 April 2013

~ Essence Be flowerful ~ ft. hearts (and mini tutorial)

Hello ladies (and gentlemen?)! A few days ago I went to the store to look for the Essence 'Floral Grunge' LE and all products were still there! I bought one of the polishes. It seemed to me like a more pink version of Essie Tart Deco, a polish I would love to own (although I doubt it will look good with my skin).

Soft sunlight
The Floral Grunge limited edition contained five polishes. All have a sticker, referring tot their finish. There is the matt, the suede, the pearl, the rough, and finally: the shine. 'Be Flowerful' carries this description, but honestly, it's not that shiny!! Compared to Grenadine tonic and the purple Mr Nail polish, two of my recent wears, this polish seems to be more like a satin.

Natural light
I like this polish! It was a bit thick though, and after two coats the ridges in my nails are still a bit visible. But: the colour is lovely, and the polish resembles one of my old loves that I can't use anymore:

I thought a little bit of nail art would look cute! I bought these 'Brush Markers' at Action for €0,80:

They have a very pointy, yet soft tip:

Using the silver one, I made little hearts on all of my nails, following these steps:
Two small dots for guidance
First half
Second half
Fill in - done! 

Sunlight (no top coat)

 I used a Konad top coat to make sure the hearts wouldn't be ruined. Top coats sometimes tend to 'drag' the polish and the Konad one doesn't. I don't really like it that much though since it's thick and smells weird.

Sunlight with Konad top coat
Natural light with Konad top coat

I think I will call this polish 'shrimp pink'. I love the colour! It's very bright, yet somehow still soft. 

What do you think?


  1. Mooi lakje! De nail art is ook heel cute :3 x

  2. Ik heb dit lakje ook en ben er erg happy mee: zo'n mooie kleur! Schattige nail art!!

    1. Dank je! En leuk dat je hem ook hebt, het is een goede aanvulling voor elke collectie! :)

  3. This is a beautiful polish! I love the little hearts you added!


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